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Cowboy, Sing Me Home Kim Hunt Harris

Cowboy, Sing Me Home

Kim Hunt Harris

Kindle Edition
322 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

ALT Cover ASIN: B00BD4EHZGWomen, as a rule, love Luke Tanner. What’s not to love? He is charming, funny, good-looking, and he wears a deputy sheriff uniform. But Dusty Rhodes (yes, her real name- her parents were a hoot) had never been much of a rule follower. She is only in Aloma long enough to sing in Tanner’s Rain Fest – Lord knows the drought-stricken area needs something to scare up some moisture – and she isn’t going to stick around any longer than necessary to get the gig done.But he is good looking. And she is kind of bored with her nomadic lifestyle. Not lonely, she insists to herself. Just bored. In need of a diversion. And if Luke Tanner is so determined to be that diversion, she doesn’t see what it could hurt to let him. As long as they played by her rules. As long as she calls the shots and doesn’t get emotionally involved.Except his friends are so…nice. They treat her like she is actually a part of their group, not on the outside looking in. And Luke insists on not just working his way into her bed, but into her head and heart as well. And then he goes and gets himself shot – just how the heck does that fit into her don’t-get-emotionally-involved plan?