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MADE TO PLEASE A STRANGER: Five Reluctant Stranger Sex Erotica Stories Debbie Brownstone

MADE TO PLEASE A STRANGER: Five Reluctant Stranger Sex Erotica Stories

Debbie Brownstone

Kindle Edition
46 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

What do you mean fuck a guy that I just met? Give up my virgin ass to a stranger? No way! Oh, well maybe. Oh shit! They’re not asking me whether or not I want to be fucked silly. They’re just taking me for raw sexual pleasure. This collection of five XXX explicit erotica stories all feature women made to please a guy or group of guys that they don’t even know!BENT OVER AND BUTT FUCKED BY A STRANGER: Patricia’s First Anal Sex ExperiencePatricia is striking out at the bar. Usually her friend would be there with her, but her last minute cancellation has left Patricia alone. Luckily, she still gets one interested guy, and he’s interesting enough that she agrees to go look at his props for his magic show. Of course, she didn’t know he had more in mind, like feeding her his cock for some rough deep throat and then making sure she was bent over for her first anal sex, a massive cock in her tiny virgin ass!DOMINATED BY A STRANGER (A Reluctant Sex BDSM Erotica Story)The accident was terrifying, but though her car looks like a complete wreck, Nina is perfectly safe. Thankfully, the other driver was safe as well, and his car’s okay too. She’s terribly sorry, and the other driver is willing to accept her apology…after he makes sure she understands what it means to submit to a rough sex encounter with domination!TAKEN BY TWO SAILORS: A Reluctant Double Penetration erotica storyKitty is a fine exotic dancer, and she’s thrilled with the money she makes. She’s not so thrilled with the clientele, especially a couple of sailors who show her far too much attention. She’s happy to be finished with her shift, but the sailor’s aren’t ready to be finished with her! Before the night is out, they’ll be in her mouth, in her pussy, and in her ass as they introduce her to an MMF ménage encounter that gives this reluctant stripper her first taste of sailor sex—and her first reluctant double penetration!BENT OVER IN AN ALLEYWAY BY A STRANGER (A First Anal Sex Experience With A Stranger erotica story)Lindy is a cute college girl living on her own. She likes the excitement of the city, as well as the danger. In fact, she loves the thought of what a stranger might do to her. She’s about to find out when she walks past a dark alley late at night. That’s because in this alleyway, she will find herself bent over for her first anal sex experience, and this rough and reluctant anal fuck will come at the hands of a complete stranger!BENT OVER ON A BLIND DATE: Kari’s Anal ExperienceKari’s been so introspective lately that her friend sets her up on a blind date. Kari doesn’t know the whole plan, though. Russ takes her to a nightclub, but this is a nightclub with special rooms, and before she knows it, Kari is strapped onto a table with hands and mouths on her body. When she realizes that Russ intends to introduce her to her first anal experience, what can she do? Her mouth is occupied and she’s strapped to the table.