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Open Your Eyes Roopa Narayan

Open Your Eyes

Roopa Narayan

Published May 4th 2015
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Selena Varya has a very normal life. Like any other kid, she goes to school each day, finishes her studies and comes back home. When she meets the new student Kevin, an accident happens at school that sets into motion a series of events that could change her life, and the lives of those connected to her. The question arises: Who is Selena Varya, and is she really a student?Alicia and James are both excellent students, at the top of their class, and eventually, the only two left after eliminating others. They are close friends, drawn closer together by their wit and intelligence. In the final elimination, they both must compete against each other to prove their worth to the Choosers. What makes one better than the other? A story of learning the value of love, compassion, trust and faith.