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e galactic mu

Sunday Williams

Kindle Edition
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

e galactic mu is a novel set on an alternate earth where precognition comes packaged as neatly and cheaply as a latte. The story follows Edelweiss Santucci, an obtuse young woman from Gaffney, South Carolina, as she single-mindedly pursues her quest to become an oracle and join Espress-Kno, the mightiest and most merciless of corporate prescience peddlers. Along the way she connects with a reclusive eight-foot troll, a bio-engineered garbage-eating dog, and a beautiful bounty hunter who can never be happy until she finds the perfect conditioner. Prepare yourself for a malicious plot which ends in a whole lot of thankless rescuing and miscellaneous carnage.Not-quite science fiction seasoned with magical realism, e galactic mu is a dark comedy of what it means to be young in our times, Candide with a nose ring. With its tone of joshing despair, reminiscent of Kurt Vonneguts Slapstick, this novel is tuned to the geist of our zeit just as Douglas Couplands Generation X once was. Plus, flying sharks.